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The state wood economic establishment «Dvinsky experimental wood base of institute of wood of National academy of Sciences of Belarus» it is organised on March, 10th, 1960. The establishment in the western part of Belarus Poozerja of Gluboksky administrative area of Vitebsk area is located.


 Main objective of activity of establishment is carrying out of scientific researches in the wood territory fixed to establishment, preservation and creation on it highly productive, qualitative, biologically steady, optimum specific and age structure of the woods answering to scientific, ecological, social and economic requirements of a society. 


 The total area of wood fund of Dvinsky experimental wood base makes 15,692 hectares, including the area covered with wood - 13803 hectares. Woods of 1 group make 49 %, 2 groups - 51 %. Young growths occupy 14 % of plantings, average plantings - 48 %, suitable plantings - 28 %, ripe and old plantings - 10 %.


 The structure of Dvinsky experimental wood base includes three forest areas:


            Podsvilsky forest area - 4272 hectares


            Proshkovsky forest area - 5295 hectares


            Psuevsky forest area - 6125 hectares     

The state wood economic establishment «Dvinsky experimental wood base of institute of wood of National academy of Sciences of Belarus» is unique scientific institution of a wood profile in territory of Vitebsk area. The basic directions of scientific activity concern processes of restoration of wood, cultivation of a landing material in wood nurseries on intensive technology, applications of modern chemical preparations at leaving carrying out in sowing and school branches of nurseries, working out of technologies on chemical leaving in wood cultures. In base territory 90 skilled objects are created, from them 35 are brought in "Register" of scientific and skilled objects, as especially valuable.


 In wood fund of base wood economic activities on reproduction of woods, increase of their efficiency and strengthening of protective functions are conducted. Forestry conducting is focused on complex use of wood resources and not wood production. Great volumes of works are carried out on industrial activity. The basic raw materials for commodity output manufacturing is the liquid wood prepared by all kinds of cabins. Products of processing of a tree are realised both on home market, and for export. In total in 2012 it is realised for export 4936 м3 forest products and 1589 м3 saw-timbers. Importers of our production are Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Austria, Finland, Estonia, Czechia.


 The labour collective of Dvinsky experimental wood base totals 169 persons.


 Middle age of the worker of establishment - 41 year.


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